Venture Capital

As Venture Capital investors, our aim is to invest in innovative small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that are in their development phase, hold a distinctive competitive advantage and have excellent potential for equity appreciation and international innovation and presence.

We are generalists so any sector / industry that can provide the business with steady cash-flows , stream of revenues and profits.

We are looking for investment opportunities that ideally meet a number of conditions:

– Capable and cooperating management with a high level of commitment to the firm and a successful track record, covering key areas such as general management, sales & marketing, production and research, finance, product distribution, etc., which are crucial for meeting set targets.

– Strong market position; alternatively, offering new, more competitive, or innovative products, thus “opening” a new or complementary market.

– Major or rapidly developing market for the company’s products/services; or, a new currently emerging market.

– Products or services that meet a real market / consumer need (‘Is it a vitamin or a painkiller?’)

– Strategic partnership opportunities to exploit synergies and to complement skills.

– Expected rate of return on investment commensurate with risk and investment stage (early / late stage), making them an attractive proposition

for venture capitalist.

– Visible exit route for our investment.